Does the school have any vacancies?

St Brigid's Catholic School is located in a growing area and we are presently a two stream school with fluctuations in some year levels.

In any year there are approximately 54 vacancies for Reception children. Where the school is in receipt of an enrolment form lodged on behalf of a child, an interview occurs approximately a year before the child is due to commence school.  Where interviews occur, a decision is made based on the expressed wish of the parents, the needs of the child and the needs of the school. Parents and Caregivers would normally be informed as to the success or otherwise of the enrolment application within 2-3 weeks. Where the vacancies are almost fully taken up, a priority system is employed to fill remaining places. For transferring children from interstate or another local school, interviews occur at time of interest and a decision will be made on the above criteria and availability of places. (see enrolment policy +Link)

Does St Brigid's Catholic School have more than one annual intake?

As of 2019, St Brigid's Catholic School is allowing two annual intakes per year, in Terms 1 and 3. For your child to qualify for Term 1 intake they must turn 5 on or  before April 30 of the calendar year of which they will start school. For your child to qualify for Term 3 intake they must turn 5 on or before October 31st of that year. 

Please note: This is non-negotiable due to our systems obligations.

Do you have to be Catholic to send a child to St Brigid's Catholic School?

We are not a private school; St Brigid’s is a Catholic School in the Gawler Parish called Sts Peter & Paul. It is an outreach of the parish to provide a Catholic education to its members. However, many Christian parents seek a Christian education that reflects the values of Jesus in the education that is provided and the relationship encouraged between staff and children. Other parents/caregivers are people of goodwill who encourage a similar values system in their children and are happy for them to be educated in a Christian environment. All such families are represented in the St. Brigid’s community. It is expected that children and parents of non Catholic or Christian affiliation will support the ethos and values of the school.

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes can vary depending on the student intake in any one year.

Generally, 29 students in a class constitute a full class from Years 2-7. In years Reception-Year 1 approximately 25 students constitute a full class.

In any year classes may not commence with these numbers, however due to families moving into the area, classes may end at this level at the end of a school year. These class sizes are determined by the Government funding the school receives based on student /teacher ratios.

When is the best time to enrol?

Many parents choose to complete the enrolment information when the child is one or two years of age or even earlier.

Acceptance depends on the total number of enrolments and class sizes.

Can I transfer my child from another school?

Yes, please contact our Registrar to discuss the possibility of transferring to St Brigid's. Availability will depend on class sizes.

When can my child start school?

We have two intakes per year depending on the birthdate of your child. Please click here for more detailed information. 

Registration of Interest

Registration of Interest