Fee reductions in Catholic Primary Schools

September 2020

Catholic Education South Australia endeavours to support families at all times and, particularly, during the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic is presenting.

With that in mind, the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools has announced that it will make Catholic education more accessible and affordable by lowering the school fees of every Catholic parish primary school in the state in 2021, under its Making Catholic Education more Affordable initiative.

“The great news for families is that we’re guaranteeing that the school fees of each Catholic primary school in 2021 will be lower than this year’s fees,” says Catholic Education SA Director, Dr Neil McGoran.

“This decision is the result of an extensive analysis of the financial position of our schools and parents’ capacity to pay fees.”

The fee reductions will be calculated on a school-by-school basis. It will take into account each school’s circumstances and family needs.

The Commission has also decided that each primary school is to move to a simpler fee structure rather than a combination of different levies. The purpose of this is to give a clearer and more predictable picture of your school's total fees. 

In addition, each school will introduce a lower fee for families on low income to reinforce the absolute priority that Catholic Education is accessible to all families.

More information on the 'Making Catholic Education more Affordable initiative' can be found on the Catholic Education South Australia website here

Catholic Education South Australia
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