Middle Primary

At ST BRIGID'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL The Middle Primary Years describes the Curriculum Scope and Standards for learning in Years 3 to 5. All Middle Primary Years learners are individuals who come from a range of linguistic, cultural and social backgrounds. They bring to learning their own prior knowledge and experiences, needs, interests, concerns, expectations and aspirations.

In addition, Middle Primary Years learners:

  • have high levels of energy and enjoy physical activity resulting in natural movement and noise in both class and play spaces
  • are experiencing different kinds of friendships and exploring power dynamics
  • are exploring the similarities and differences between being male and female are experimenting with identity and referencing themselves against peers
  • are keen to extend their capabilities and self-expression
  • are able to engage enthusiastically and expand their thinking in ways that are reflective and spontaneous.

To meet the needs of this range of learners, the learning process is complex, dynamic, interactive and cyclical, not linear. It involves learners continuously extending, elaborating, reformulating and reflecting upon their frameworks of knowledge and values.
Within this concept of progress in learning, students are active learners who learn at different rates and need multiple challenges. They also need to be supported in developing responsibility for their own learning, and enthusiasm for continuous learning.

Our Middle Primary Years staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the Primary Years learning program.