Parish Links

As a Catholic parish school, St Brigid’s maintains very close links with the wider parish community.

For Catholic families and those interested in becoming part of the Catholic faith community, the parish run Sacramental program binds both our school and the wider community.

Our parish priest, Father Jose, is a regular presence in the school ensuring that our young people gain an understanding and relevance about their place within the parish. He also plays a vital role in guiding the administration of the school through the School Board.

Students participate in activities such as:

  • Connecting with aged care services
  • Rallying around the annual St. Vincent DePaul Society appeals
  • Preparing food for the marginalized in the community via Fred’s Van, which is run though the local chapter of the St. Vincent DePaul Society.
  • Celebrating in ecumenical occasions such as the ANZAC Day Dawn Service.

It is through these real-life practical ways that students are able to contribute to the life of the parish and truly live out the Gospel values.