Principal's Welcome

Thank you for expressing an interest in St Brigid's Catholic School.

Choosing the right school for your daughter or son is a major decision. I hope this visit to our website will satisfy your initial interest and encourage you to contact the school for further information. Additionally, you can make an appointment for a Principal's Tour with myself. 

At St Brigid's we hope that our students will question and search, explore and discover as they become self-motivated learners who will view with critical eyes the society in which they live. This process, we trust, will allow them to contribute to the growth of loving relationships with others in creating a more just, peaceful and forgiving society.

Further information, can be found within our website which explains essential information about our school. We are delighted that you are showing interest in becoming part of the St Brigid's Catholic School community. Should you decide that St Brigid's Catholic School is the school which is able to nurture, foster and develop the natural abilities of your daughter or son, I look forward to the opportunity of discussing these important matters in greater detail.  

Kind Regards

Gennaro Mannella
Acting Principal