Religious Identity

St Brigid’s Catholic School is a Catholic parish school where the teachings of Jesus Christ form and underpin all our values about our relationship with one another and the world around us. Since early Christian times there have been numerous examples of people who have chosen to live and model their lives upon this Christian teaching.

Our motto 'In all things glorify God' permeates all that we do at St Brigids to help our students develop an understanding of and closer relationship with God.

In our school, the life of Brigid of Ireland (our namesake) is held up as an example of peace, justice, hospitality, contemplation (prayer and reflection) and care for our natural environment for our students.

Together with the influence of the founding Sisters of St Joseph and the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, St Brigid’s Catholic School has stood unique among the broader educational enterprise of the Gawler community for nearly 155 years.


This influence can be seen in the array of community and parish involvement our students are involved in to this day.