The Sapsasa ­– Primary School Sport state carnivals and championships are for district representative teams. This information outlines the eligibility, selection and age requirements. 

Individual sports

Children must be turning 10 in the year of competition. Individual sports are athletics, cross country and swimming championships.

Team sports

Children must be:

  • in year 6 or 7
  • turning 11 in the year of competition

Selection criteria

Selection is based on ability. Selected students must have the principal’s endorsement to compete.

Trials selection

A minimum of two trials will be held. Information will be sent to schools by the district convenor.

The coach is responsible for the selection of the team but they must set up a panel with 1 to 3 other people.

Students must be given equal court/field time during trials to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

If there is no clear difference between 2 players from different school’s preference is given to the student from the school with the least representation in the team.

The aim is for as many district schools as possible to be represented.

Team sports

Team sports selection for each district team should:

  • give equal consideration to year 6 and 7 students
  • give preference to a year 7 student if there is no clear difference compared to a year 6 student.

Year 5 students that meet the age criteria can only be selected if there are not enough suitable players in year 6 and 7, and if the primary school sport manager approves it.

Competitors aged 13 and 14

In individual sports like swimming and athletics, 14-year-olds can compete with 13-year-olds. However, there are some restrictions.

  • The first three 13-year-old place-getters in an event are presented with medals and recognised for any record set.
  • Any placed 14-year-old would be awarded a medal equivalent to their placing (no records to be recorded).
  • No points are allocated to the district for 14-year-old competitors.
  • 14-year-olds are not eligible to compete in relay teams.

In team sports a 14-year-old can compete but the school sport officer must be notified so they can manage and monitor the safety of all the players involved.

Opposite-gender competitors

If a student wants to compete in an opposite-gender state carnival, the primary school sport manager can give approval to trial and be selected (on merit). This is can be for any player who has chosen that sport and regularly plays it in a high level competition.

However, if Sapsasa takes part in a School Sport Australia Championship in the chosen sport, it’s recommended that these players trial for the Sapsasa 12 and under team.

District and affiliation status

Each Sapsasa district can enter 1 team only in each sport (boys and girls where applicable). Students must trial and be selected in the district in which their school is affiliated. Students must be attending an affiliated primary school or the primary component of an R-12 school.

Playing time and recognition

All players in team sports will have an equal amount of playing time, or as close to it as possible, throughout a series of games in Sapsasa state carnivals or championships.

Anyone who takes part receives a participation certificate.

Awards for team sports

  • Members of the winning team in each division are presented with a gold medal.
  • Members of the 2nd placed team in each division receive a runner-up certificate.
  • No silver or bronze medals are presented.

Awards for the individual sports of athletics, cross country and swimming

  • Gold, silver and bronze medals are presented to each individual and each relay team placed first, second or third.
  • In individual sports with lower participation numbers only gold medals are presented.

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