School Philosophy & Expectation

"Do it again. Play it again. Sing it again. Read it again. Write it again. Sketch it again. Rehearse it again. Run it again. Try it again. Because again is practice, and practice is improvement, and improvement only leads to perfection."

Richelle E. Goodrich,

At St Brigid’s Catholic School we believe in the dignity of the human person and that our image of the child is central to the way in which we undertake our duty to ensure a safe learning environment. Each member of our school community has the right to be safe, happy and successful. Through Christ’s message of peace and justice being reflected in our relationships with one another, we aim to teach the connecting skills that build relationship and respect difference. Through this we develop confident and resilient individuals who understand and show empathy, compassion, cooperation, caring and fair play in their human interactions.

Through the power of a culture that acknowledges that children learn and grow in a community that lives, loves and reconciles, we articulate the importance of belonging to a community with shared values of Jesus that at times may be in conflict with broader societal values.


  • We actively support and acknowledge behaviour that is appropriate (ie Terrific Kids Awards, Be Your Best Awards, leadership roles)
  • We provide reassurance to children and families that their voice will be heard and action will be undertaken when and where required in a timely manner
  • We strive to promote a sense of wellbeing, through opportunities that nurture the valuing of self and others. (Mindfulness program, Positive Education)
  • We assist individuals to develop self-discipline and the skills and strategies to make responsible, healthy and informed choices in a safe environment which is made visible through respecting the rights and responsibilities of others

Catholic schools have within their concept of education the vital aspect of Religious Education, thus enabling a growth in faith.  Faith for children at our school is about their lives.  It helps people live life better, to be more human and to discover who they are and their relationship to God who is at the centre of our lives. 

To this end our school strives to give quality education which embraces the full human growth and development in the model of Jesus Christ.  This concerns the school with the pursuit of the maximum potential for each child which will enable them to develop a: 

  1. Love of God 
  2. Love of others 
  3. Love of learning 
  4. Love of self 

Our school strives to be a community whose attitudes, values and beliefs are derived from Jesus. 


The Formation of school rules and expectations are underpinned by our vision “Inspiring the potential of each child” and are framed in the overarching principles of Care For Self, Care for Others, Care For the Environment – Friendly words, Gentle actions, Quiet listening.  Any rules or behaviour expectations that stem from this framework are based on agreed community values between home and school that include;

  • School/home values and expectations
  • Respect for the rights and responsibilities of all children to experience a safe learning environment that fosters risk taking, creativity, and collaboration
  • Acceptance and valuing of individual differences

There are expectations that relate to the learning environment and those that relate to the playground environment. With time, the distinction between the learning environment and play will be seen as one and the same.

The format for the display of rules

A List of rules for the learning environment and playground, including the care for framework:

1. Follow directions
2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
3. Speak appropriately with good manners, no offensive language, use appropriate voice
    volume for the setting and affirm others
4. Listen to others when they are speaking without interrupting
5. Treat all property with care and respect

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