St Brigid's Catholic School has an official school uniform. Correct uniform must be worn at all times when children are at school or when travelling to or from school. It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to ensure that the children are dressed in the appropriate school uniform at all times. If for any reason a child cannot be attired in the full school uniform, parents/caregivers are expected to inform his/her class teacher by note or phone. Where notification is not provided, a uniform infringement notice will be sent home via the classroom teacher.

  • Girls wear a full length dress for summer and skirt or tunic with a blouse in winter.
  • Boys wear Melange shorts or long pants with shirt for summer /winter.
  • A knitted jumper is to be worn with the formal day uniform only.
  • Shirts and blouses are to be tucked in.
  • Polo tops worn as part of sports uniform are not required to be tucked in.

The uniform shop is open Mondays 8:30 - 10:30am and Wednesdays 2:30pm -4:30pm.


Sports Uniform

Children wear their sports uniform to school on the designated day the teacher has allocated to physical education/sports. Children are also permitted to wear their sports uniform on occasions when representing the school at sporting events/carnivals. The uniform consists of polo shirt, rugby style jumper, shorts and track pants. 

A broad brim hat (sold through the Uniform Shop) must be worn at all times when a child is outside. This is an implementation of the school’s “Sun Protection Policy” during term 1 and 4. A consequence for a child not wearing a hat, will be to sit under a verandah. This will be strictly policed. In addition, no hat will also deprive the student of participation in any outside classroom activity or sport. All hats must be embroidered along the side with the child's name. This can be arranged through Impress (a shop located across from the school).

School Bags

Maroon school bags with St Brigid's Logo  are compulsory and available through the Uniform Shop. Waterproof library bags are also available. To borrow a book from the library a waterproof bag is required. Children R-2 must have a St Brigid's Library bag as this item is used as a communications folder for information between Parents and Teacher.

Cargo shorts/pants are NOT acceptable.

Boys Shirts 

We are slowly changing over to boys shirts with flat hems so they may be worn untucked. Existing style must be tucked in.

School Shoes 

School shoes must be black. Black low soled boots can only be worn with long pants for boys. Brown sandals may be worn with summer formal day uniform only. If students wish to take up this option socks may be omitted.

Sports Shoes 

Sports shoes must be white, black, navy or combinations thereof. White is preferred and all shoes must be of non-marking soles for the protection of the gymnasium (SAMMAT) floor.

  • High cut boot style basketball boots are not part of the uniform.
  • No fluro or coloured shoelaces. Acceptable colours are black, white or grey.
  • No skate shoes, light up shoes or high profile designs or branded merchandise (e.g. Barbie, Spiderman etc).

The aim of this part of the policy is to support families from the under pressure of providing the 'latest fashion accessory' for their children. We encourage that specialised training or competition shoes are left for the sports for which they are intended.


  • All socks must completely cover the ankle bone for both boys and girls’ sports and formal day wear.
  • Knee hi's are not part of the uniform.
  • Girls wear plain white at all times. No frilly, laced or patterned socks.  
  • Boys wear grey for formal day uniform and white with sports uniform. No brand names, stripes or patterns are to be visible on sports socks.


Hair must be tied back if it is below collar length. All hair, regardless of length, should be held off the face in such a way that it does not impede a child's ability to work appropriately. Hair accessories must be maroon,black or navy. These are available from the Uniform Shop. Coloured hair sprays including hair glitter must not be used. The only exception would be on a special occasion following consultation with the Principal or Deputy, e.g. Sports Day, Book Week. Bizarre haircuts are not permissible and no hair cut is to be shorter than a no.2. Hair dying, streaking or colouring is not permitted – natural colour only.


Nail polish, false nails and make-up is not permitted.

Scarves and Gloves

  • Scarves must be navy blue with school logo.
  • Gloves - plain black, navy  or maroon.


Plain sleepers and studs only (no more than one sleeper/stud in ear lobe only. If stone present only clear is permissible).


Wrist watch, chain with religious medal and medic alert bracelet only.

Uniform Changeover

As a general rule children wear the summer uniform in Terms 1 and 4 and winter uniform in Terms 2 and 3. However as the changeover of season can be unpredictable, parents/caregivers are free to dress their children in a common-sense manner as dictated by the weather. Parents/caregivers will be expected to adhere to either summer or winter uniform, not a combination of both.

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